Dupont Energy Consulting GmbH (DEC) is an independent consulting company active in the energy sector, with a special focus on electricity.

Our vision

We never forget that the energy sector is intrinsically linked with all other activity sectors.

We are there to help you position your local and specific objectives within a larger spectrum. With you, we will develop a global vision, embracing upstream and downstream, internal and external, physical, organisational, institutional and economic aspects.

Our mission

We propose integrated consultancy services to governments, utilities and institutions in the energy sector, with a strong focus on electricity.

Our fields of expertise cover two key facets: on one side, strategy & competitive intelligence, in particular within the energy sector; and on the other, engineering planning in the electricity sector.

We are a dynamic and innovative small company. Thanks to a broad network of contacts, we collaborate with selected experts and companies. Together we can satisfy any specific needs you may have in the energy sector.

Our distinctiveness

Result oriented
Global thinking
Analytical skill
New technologies awareness
International experience in the energy sector