Corporate strategy

We will sail with you on the moving wave of new technologies, in a safe but opportunistic manner. We can help you to initiate your strategy in the right direction and define it according to your objectives, needs and means.

In the energy sector, all of us are global players, as we interact with many other sectors of activity. We will help you to develop the global vision required to develop your specific projects optimally.

From strategy to implementation - a dynamic process
Imagine - Innovative strategy
Choose - Vision & Decision making
Federate - Communication & Resistance to change
Act - Roll-out & implementation management
Assess - Monitoring & KPI
Improve - Reassessment
Competitive intelligence in the energy sector
New technologies - Opportunities and threats
Is it smart to invest in Smart Grid ?
Information and Communication technologies (ICT)
Knowledge management & social network : methods and tools
Let's plug electric vehicles
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Engineering planning

Smart grid is not an empty concept for us and it starts with smart advice. We can help you to implement your strategy. We work with you during the planning, preparation and implementation phases, keeping in the mind such key elements as target and profitability, adaptability and decision making, risk management and opportunities.

Project management
Master plans
Rural electrification
Network studies
Smart grid
Energy efficiency
Technical expertise
Load forecast
Generation & network planning
Grid integration of renewable energies (RE)
Grid integration of electric vehicles (EV) and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV)
Storage systems
Costs/benefits analysis
Economic studies